Cities That Never Sleep

What's your favorite city when it comes to nightlife!?

We love Berlin and Bangkok!

Is Morocco on your bucket list?

27 Incredibly Surreal Places Every Travel-Lover Must Visit

How many of these places have you visited before?

Which was your favorite and why?

Personally, we loved numbers 3, 6 and 14!

Cheese, the Alps, Wild Herbs and Strawberries, a Glacier: A Zillertal Food Adventure!

Between steam trains, alpine cuisine, mountain walks and year-round snow, Eat Like A Girl's video is making us want to hop on the next flight to Austrian Tirol - Zillertal in particular!

If you're going to be at Taste of London today, be sure to stop by the Zillertal stand to say hi and sample some of their delicious alpine cocktails! #TasteOfZillertal

Credit: Ricardo Cardoso

Why You Should Never Fly with RyanAir and Why I Slept in an Elevator

Usually we stick to positive and inspiring posts, but this story just has to be told...
*What is your Ryanair experience?*

Summer in Zillertal in the Austrian Alps, North Tirol - Part 1

Zillertal in located in Northern Tirol's Austrian Alps. Known for its beautiful scenery, array of hiking trails and fantastic food, Cutlery Chronicles has captured the region perfectly in this video.

If you're planning to visit the Taste of London event this Wednesday (13 June), be sure to stop by the Zillertal stand to sample some regional food and drink favorites! #TasteOfZillertal

Video Credit: Ricardo Cardoso


Which country in the world has the most timezones?

Answer: France! 🇫🇷 France has 12, though its mainland has only one timezone, the country has several overseas territories in different timezones with Guadeloupe in the Caribbean, La Réunion in the Indian Ocean and French-polynesia in the Pacific.

18 Magnificent Caves Around The World You Can Actually Spend The Night In

#2 is looking pretty darn good right about now...

Would you?

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You can actually rent this private island in Belize on AirBnB

If you're looking to get away from it all this summer, we may have found just the thing for you...

If teleportation were real, I'd transport to ______ and eat ______ for dinner tonight.

We'd transport ourselves to Seoul and eat Korean BBQ if we could!

The ultimate guide to hiking Italy’s most breathtaking trails

Because Italy is never a bad idea...

Sweden is one of those places you could visit dozens of times without ever running out of new things to do and see.

Here are a few of our Sweden favorites...

The Dreamiest Places To Stop On Your Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip This Summer

Have you ever road tripped California? If so, what were your favorite stops? If not, is it on your travel radar?

Leipzig. This gem of a city is one of Germany’s most desirable to live in. And with good reason. It’s a hotbed of music, art and creativity and a great place to visit.

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_______ is currently sitting at the top of my travel bucket list.

Team Travel Dudes is currently dreaming of an expedition cruise to Antarctica or a luxury trip to the Maldives!

Top 12 Hidden Bars In San Francisco

Including one that's inside a bank vault!

What are some of your favorite hikes in the USA? Three of our top treks are linked below!

Six Tips to Save Big on a Trip to Tokyo

What are your top budget tips to save when traveling in notoriously expensive countries or cities?

Raise your hand if you'd rather be here right now!

Arches National Park, Utah.

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Chicago Travel Tips - Explore Chicago Like A Local

For those who have been to Chicago before, what would you add to the list of must-sees?

Strolling down Karl-Liebknecht-Straße known affectionately as ‘Karli’ in Leipzig. The streets off the Karli are popular residential areas and you’ll find all sorts of quirky shops, cafes and cool street art. Well worth a wander...

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The country or city with the best nightlife is __________.

For us, we dig the pub life in Ireland!

Getting ready to head to Spain this summer?

Great! We've put together a detailed Barcelona neighborhood guide, complete with best places to stay in each area! To view, click on the link below...

Stars over Lake Louise in Canada.

Where's your favorite place to count shooting stars?

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These Are The 10 Best Cities In The World For Foodies

What city wins your vote for best food in the world?

A six-day itinerary to pure adventure in Hawaii...

What's your favorite destination for active travel?

14 Most Unusual And Weird Towns Around The World

For those of us who love a good mystery...

Who can guess the destination?

And if you're really good, the specific waterfall as well...

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The most underrated coastal towns in Europe to go to before they become touristy

So many good ones that we've never heard of in here!

What tools do you use to plan your travels? Guidebooks (which ones?), blogs, Pinterest, travel apps... We want to know your trip planning secrets!

Anyone gearing up for an epic South America trip?

Check out our guide to Northern Chile!

7 Italian Towns (That Aren't Rome or Florence) You Have to Visit

It's almost summer in Italy! Anyone planning a visit?

Beautiful Palawan in the Philippines...

Have you ever traveled through Southeast Asia?

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10 Ultimate Cross Country Road Trips In USA

Who else is itching to plan an epic road trip this summer!?

The award for the city with the best restaurants and food goes to __________.

This is What You Need To Know About Visiting & Climbing Mount Everest

Have you ever considered trekking to Base Camp?

White pistes in Ischgl, Austria.

With 238 kilometers of perfectly groomed pistes and 45 state-of-the-art cable cars, you are guaranteed pristine ski conditions in Ischgl each year between November and May. Who wants to plan a (very) last minute trip!?

Five Places to Go in Bangkok

Bangkok seems to trigger strong feelings on both sides of the spectrum. What's your take... Yay or nay?

What are your travel plans for this summer? Any dream trips being realized?

Historical buildings in Innsbruck's Old Town.

One of the best things about this city is that you can be enjoying a cultural city break one moment, and hitting the slopes the next! What's your favorite city in Austria?

Hidden Islands Of Mexico You Should Travel To

Time to start planning that trip to Mexico...

TBCAsia - Sri Lanka

Because good things are meant to be shared...

TBCAsia is in search of 60 travel influencers to experience the best that Sri Lanka has to offer and one of them could be you!

Visit to learn more and APPLY NOW!

Views of Tirol, Austria.

This photo was taken within the Zugspitz Arena, which is known for its beautiful ski conditions and wide variety of winter activities. Have you ever been to Austria during winter?

The most beautiful hidden diving spots in Southeast Asia

Have you ever tried scuba diving? If not, would you?

The cozy town of Sölden, Austria.

This region of Tirol offers ski slopes reaching 3,340 meters above sea level and was also featured in the James Bond Spectre movie!

32 Surreal Places You Must See Before You Die

Some of these places don't even look real!

Have you been to any of them?...

Family travelers... do you involve your kids in the vacation planning process? If so, how so?

Are you more of a camper or a glamper?

Photo taken at Wedgemount Lake in Canada.

Image via Camp Dot Com (